Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oregon Real Estate Transfer Tax - We Need Your Help - No More Tax !

I just cut and paste this email I received... lets not let this happen... check out the website below and sign the petition.  Thanks in advance for your help...

Home ownership has long been the cornerstone of the American Dream. A real estate transfer tax pushes this dream a little farther out of reach for families. Unfortunately, most areas of Oregon already have the dubious distinction of being some of the least affordable housing markets in the country. A tax on the sale or transfer of real estate would make it even more unaffordable.

Consider the first time homebuyer: After several years a young family finally saves up enough money for a down payment to purchase their first house. Imagine if they also had to come up with a 1.97 percent tax on their $200,000 home. This would add an additional $3,940 in closing costs. As most of you know, this could easily be the difference that forces them to walk away.

What is a real estate transfer tax? This is a tax imposed by a state, county, or city when ownership of property (agricultural, commercial or residential) is sold or transferred. In simple terms, it is a sales tax on your home or property. Real estate transfer taxes are usually one-time fees paid at the time of closing and are usually a percentage of the selling price (rates typically vary from .1% to 4%) of the property value. This could result in multiple layers of taxation on a single transaction and is imposed whether or not you make any profit on the sale.

Lets keep the American Dream alive for the First Time Homebuyer, young and old alike. 

You can help prevent this tax from being imposed in Oregon.

Visit  http://www.protectoregonhomes.com/   to get involved and protect the dream of home ownership for all Oregonians.

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