Friday, February 25, 2011


How many people have a Facebook or should I ask how many people don't?  Facebook has been very good to me.  I have reconnected with some of my old friends from school, which has been a lot of fun to see where their lives have taken them.  It is definitely a way to feel connected to people on a regular basis, without feeling like you are intruding into their life.  They post what they want you to know and it takes off from there into some interesting places !

It is nice that you can select who you want to be "friends" with and share only what you want to share with others.  Overall, it is fun to have.  Now in saying that, you can have too much fun if you get addicted to the games they have like Farmville and Cafe World.  I use to plan my whole day around when my "Farmville" crops were going to be ready to harvest.  Ain't that a hoot !  Luckily that only lasted for a few months and then I wised up and quit playing, cold turkey.  My farmhouse and crops have probably turned to dust and tumbleweeds by now... I don't dare go and check.

I just made a Facebook page for my business, I have not put anything on it yet.  Hopefully it will be a fun and informative place for my clients to check out.  We will see how that develops.  Happy Facebooking !

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