Monday, June 13, 2011

VA Home Loan - How Do I Use My Veteran VA Home Loan Benefits?

I have worked with many VA buyers lately and have used, David DuBeau with Sterling Savings Bank as my loan officer.  Getting a home and a great loan for the veterans is easier than many people may think.
David DuBeau served in the military for 6 years total. After his tours ended he jumped into real estate and started doing home loans.

The VA home loan has a background and a name for itself as being a very good loan to get into (one of the best) but also used to be a hassle to apply for and get eligibility... But not anymore!
Having done over 200 VA home loans for veterans in 2010 alone, David DuBeau has arose as a specialist when it comes to VA home loans. He now knows them inside and out and has the ability to close them in a matter of weeks!

You used to have to get your DD 214, fill out some paperwork, send it in to the VA and wait out your response for 30 days or so just to find out if you qualified for the loan and to receive your eligibility letter. You can see why everyone liked to "shy" away from these, especially loan officers that DO NOT UNDERSTAND these loans.

***NOTE: Never let a loan officer talk you into a FHA loan by telling you it is better than a VA loan! We hate hearing this and those loan officers need to be honest with you and admit they do not understand a VA loan!

Now, all you need with David DuBeau at Sterling Savings Bank Home Loans is to call and let him ask you a few questions about your service. They are set up online directly though the VA and can help you every step of the way.

Normally there is never a need for a DD 214, paperwork for you to bring in, etc and the turn times to see if you are eligible are within 24-48 hours!

Here are some major benefits to using your VA home loan:
1) 100% Financing
2) No mortgage insurance required!
3) Amazing rates for VA loans
4) Seller can pay your closing costs
5) Seller can also pay for the veterans bills to help qualify for the loan (if needed) or just take a slightly higher rate!
6) Your loan is guaranteed by the VA and if rates ever drop you can do a IRRRL refinance to lower the rate!
7) Possible financial assistance if you lose your job!

If you are a veteran, want to buy a home, want the best Realtor, hard working Real Estate Agent and great Loan Officer - then you have found the right team!

Here is David's information:
David DuBeau - Loan Officer
Sterling Savings Bank

You may contact him directly to see what you can qualify for or contact me and we can set up an appointment to get you started.

Cheryl Malone - Real Estate Broker
Windermere Investors Marketplace
541-951-1960 - Cell

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