Monday, June 27, 2011

Should I Buy A House Right Now? Are There 100% Financing Options To Buy A House?

Should I Buy A House Right Now?  
The short answer?  YES!
The best time to buy is when things are on discount and now more than ever before things are CHEAP.   
What that means is that buyers CAN afford to buy houses right now.
Lenders are lending money.
Now is the best time to buy a house… low interest rates and low housing prices… now is the time !
David DuBeau is still closing loans and still has many 100% financing options, "First Time Home Buyer" programs, and other products all the way to your normal conventional loans.  I always recommend you should check with us if you are wanting to buy a house right now.
CHERYL MALONE – Real Estate Broker
Windermere Investors Marketplace

DAVID DUBEAU – Loan Officer

Remember, the first step to take if you want to buy a house is to get pre-qualified on a home loan. Sellers do not like to deal with buyers who might not qualify. There are plenty of different options out there (even other 100% financing options)
Once you are pre-qualified, "Lets go shopping!"
Are you on the fence about buying a home?
What are closing costs?
What is the difference between a Forecosure, REO, and Short Sale?
What kind of credit do I need to buy a home?

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